Advice and procedures: I want to rent a van for my move

Published on : 07 November 20193 min reading time

Moving is often not easy. He may even take a long time. To avoid any possibility of problems, it is better to organize it in the smallest details. After packing everything in cardboard boxes, place it in the means of transport for these various pieces of furniture and objects. And know that the ideal way would be to rent a vehicle, more precisely a moving van.

Find a van corresponding to the volume of boxes and furniture to be moved

Before renting a van in Paris, an estimate of the items to be transported should be made. This phase is very important because it allows you to easily identify the type of truck that suits you. It is important to know that for more security for your business, it is better to offer them more space, and not to force them into an overlay. When renting a van, real professionals tend to offer their customers vehicles with a capacity measurement in m3. This also implies the quantity of boxes that can be swallowed by the van. As a result, you would only have to access their offers to find a transport car that would meet your needs.

Opt for a cheaper rental

Moving is anything but free. And yes, just renting a vehicle to transport furniture and cardboard requires a fee, which can be just as exorbitant. And don’t forget that the more you opt for a large van, the more you’ll have to pay. So to help you pay less, why not collaborate with the utility rental services in Paris at a low cost?  This does exist, and by comparing prices with other providers, you will see for yourself that there are those who offer more than adequate offers for the same service. Moreover, many service providers already offer this offer, such as those in Paris. Not sure how to proceed? We are happy to guide you on the subject of renting a cheap utility vehicle with Drivy.

Try to reduce rental costs

In order to reduce the financial burden of renting a utility vehicle in Paris in the event of a move, it is advisable to lighten the items to be transported by sorting them. When packing objects, be sure to identify the condition and usefulness of each. For objects or devices that you practically no longer need, why bother filling the van with them?

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