Why choosing a used car as your first car?

Choosing the first car is always an exciting, thrilling choice, but also a long and formative one. You've just got your license and you tell yourself that a new life is opening up to you, a life with more freedom and more style. We then ask ourselves the following question: What car do I want to buy and where can I get it at the best price without making my wallet cry or taking on 30 years of debt?


We're not going to lie to each other, price is still, for most of us, the most important element. For the lucky ones who would not have a credit limit, the choice of new or used is obviously not an issue. The used car will allow you to take a model that's superior to what you would have paid for new, something to talk about at family dinners. You will be able to negotiate on free platforms, or find advantageous rates on used car sales sites like L'Argus. We also recommend the latter, which offers a wide choice of cars at very interesting prices.

The number of offers available

The number of used car offers online defies all competition and you will be able to spend hours and weeks discovering this magnificent catalogue. The advantage of the second hand is indeed the possibility to find vehicles that are scarce in the traditional trade or at a dealer. What's more, for the same price, you get a used car with more options than a new car.

Resisting the discount

A new car quickly loses 15% to 20% of its value from the first few kilometers in the first year. If you are someone who likes to resell and enjoy different models of cars, it is better to go through the second hand box in order to optimize the profitability of your automotive projects. Be aware that after 5 years, most vehicles lose more than 75% of their value. In conclusion, we can only advise you too much to opt for a used vehicle in order to have a better quality/price ratio on a large choice of vehicles.
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