Car hire in Corsica: all you need to know!

Published on : 15 January 20204 min reading time

Corsica is one of the favourite destinations of the French. No wonder! “The island of beauty” is a world apart, surrounded by the blue of the Mediterranean, with its high mountains, its dream beaches, its strong identity, its towns and villages that seem immutable, its breath-taking hikes… The roads of Corsica reveal landscapes and atmospheres that are just incredible. This article answers the questions you most often ask about car hire in Corsica and shares its advice on how to get around.

Based on the experience of several car rental agencies and car rental applications like for instance, we can say that:

If you are renting a car for the first time in Corsica, you will probably be tempted by a “city car”. Its small dimensions are reassuring on Corsican roads. We reassure you right away: it can be more than enough! You may be well loaded with your luggage on arrival, but once you arrive at your accommodation, everything will soon be back in order.

Corsican regulars generally opt for a “compact” or “intermediate” category vehicle, or even a “monospace” for families or groups of 5 people, because of its greater body height (a compact/monospace category corresponds to a vehicle such as Renault Kangoo, Peugeot Partner, and Citroën Berlingo…).

Some people choose to rent an SUV simply for the driving comfort.

Don’t forget one thing: everything is accessible in Corsica via an asphalt road. But if you want to reach an abandoned beach by a track, your rental vehicle will not be covered by insurance!

If you absolutely want to rent a diesel car, it doesn’t necessarily make sense: travel times are long in Corsica, but not the distances. In the vast majority of cases, you will not drive enough to amortize the extra cost of a diesel rental.

At the limit, why not an automatic gearbox to keep an eye on the winding roads?

Some customers sometimes ask us for unlimited mileage: this is not a priority given the size of the island.

When to book a rental car in Corsica?

We prefer to warn you right away: in July and August, there are almost no rental car offers available in Corsica… So no last minute bookings in the summer period! In order to benefit from the best offers, we advise you to prepare your summer holidays and to book your car from March / April if possible (that’s what the regulars in Corsica do, but beware, there is a small specificity in Corsica: car rentals are taxed during the high season at some car rental companies… This still represents a few euros per day, payable at the rental agency. This tax does not appear in the voucher but in the rental conditions specific to each offer. Take a look at it for a better comparison, or contact our customer service who will be able to inform you about it!

If, on the other hand, you wish to discover Corsica out of season, you will easily find a car to rent.

As we have said, Corsica does not have any driving particularities compared to European standards. However, here are a few options which it may be interesting to subscribe to:

  • The GPS, to find your bearings on the island of beauty (you can tick the “GPS included” filter on our site).
  • A zero deductible offer to leave with peace of mind (tick the “zero deductible insurance” filter).
  • A one-way car rental if necessary, to make the most of Corsica (check in the rental conditions of the offer if this option is subject to a summer supplement).


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