Why choosing to rent a car at Alicante airport?

Alicante is at the top of the most popular tourist destinations for sun, beach, cultural tourism and above all, good food. With our car rental service at Alicante airport, you will be able to go to every corner of this wonderful province to enjoy its exceptional climate, wonderful beaches, Mediterranean gastronomy and its famous traditional fiestas. Choosing Alicante airport car hire means choosing comfort, having a vehicle you can trust from the beginning to the end of your trip to get where you want, when you want and travel at your own pace without having to hurry. In the province of Alicante, due to the great historical and cultural heritage that it hosts, it is possible to design a multitude of routes by car. For this reason, once you have enjoyed the historic centre of the city of Alicante, we recommend that you take advantage of your cheap car hire at Alicante airport to explore the rest of the province. One of the most popular car routes is the famous 'Northern Route', which includes the main seafaring villages of Alicante. Following this route, among different coastal destinations, you can visit Villajoyosa to get a closer look at its famous Moorish and Christian festivals or soak up the Mediterranean character and unique atmosphere of the city of Benidorm. Furthermore, if you continue northwards without losing sight of the coast, you will discover the secret corners of Altea, the Peñon del fach in Calpe, symbol of the Costa Blanca, or the majestic castle of Denia, where you will have a magnificent view of the emblematic city as well as its coves and magnificent beaches. The route of the castles of Vinalopó is also very well known. In the past, the valley of the river Vinalopó was a natural border between the lands of the Crown of Aragon and Castile. For this reason, the remains of the great fortresses and castles from which these lands were defended can still be found all along the river. The castles of Bañeres, Atalaya and Sax can be distinguished, although the list of castles and fortresses is much longer. However, thanks to the flexibility that rent a car (in this case, car hire at Alicante airport) gives you, you can organise your route according to your preferences and travel only to the castles that you most want to visit.
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