Tips for renting a car on holiday

Published on : 03 July 20202 min reading time

Renting a car on holiday is the ideal way to have the perfect holiday: you visit unique sites and you go at your own pace! But beware of bad practices; here are a few tips for a quiet rental.

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What to look out for?

Don’t forget your license! It’s basic, but a lot of people leave their identity papers at the hotel, or simply at home, so as not to lose them…

Read the rental conditions carefully and check your watch! Although a small margin is often granted, you must return your car at the time indicated on the contract. Ask for information and call ahead if necessary, because beyond that you will pay for an extra day.

Pay attention to the calendar: if you return the car before the scheduled time and you have a mileage use calculated at the fixed price over a predetermined number of days, the mileage will be recalculated on the actual number of days. In this case, it is more economical to park the car in front of your home and return it on the scheduled day!

Check the condition of the car before leaving the rental agency! And make sure that scratches and other dents are noted on the contract or the vehicle’s condition report. This will avoid surprise repair costs on your return.

Choose the right vehicle for your holiday: big trek through the mountains or hotel-bakery trips? In some cities the use of the car will be superfluous or even difficult because of traffic, lack of parking spaces etc… in this case, think about the scooter! Also check the type of vehicle offered by the rental agency you have chosen: if you are leaving with 6 people, the Ibiza coupé cabriolet may not be the ideal car…

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