Rent your car : how much revenue does it produce ?

Car rental has been growing remarkably recently. More and more owners are taking an interest in it and are even deciding to invest in it. Aware that it is not a main activity, one out of two owners believes that renting their car would be another source of monthly income. So, instead of leaving the vehicle in the garage, why not make it profitable? But by doing so, thanks to the car-sharing platform, how much could it bring in? This is the purpose of this article.

Renting a car: is it beneficial?

In recent years, the number of cars rented between private individuals has increased significantly. Is that a sign that it's profitable? It can be said to be. But unfortunately, this is not the case for all rental companies. Indeed, according to the figures, only one out of two vehicles has reservations; this is estimated at half of the cars offered on the sites used as intermediaries. Hence, no additional income for 50% of the rental companies. Moreover, for the person whose car rental has been a success, even if the profit does not reach the desired quota, it is sufficient to reduce the depreciation of the car.

How to make the deal work?

If you are wondering why some landlords earn more than others when it comes to renting, be aware that there are important factors to consider when reaching potential gains. First, location is the most influential. And yes, renting a car between private individuals is often very easy when you are located in the vicinity of tourist areas. Second, don't underestimate the type of car. When individuals wish to rent, they also have their criteria. And according to statistics, commercial cars and relatively rare rental vehicles, such as minibuses, receive more bookings and can earn an average daily flat rate of 50€.

How much can I earn with my car?

This is the question that most owners ask themselves. However, the answer varies according to each type of car. So, to give you satisfaction, all you have to do is use the simulator. This way, everyone who wants to rent their car will know what to expect. All he has to do is indicate the make of the car, its model, without forgetting its year of registration and the simulator will calculate the daily rate corresponding to the vehicle. This would give you a better basis for setting your rates; and you would only have to publish your vehicle to find tenants.
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