How to find a cheap car rental?

Cheap car hire is one thing; you'll find it without any worries, but as they say, "all that glitters is not gold", it is so far from it... Car rental companies and online applications like for instance has been comparing rates and services for 10 years: you can count on our experience in this matter. We'll share with you here our best advice on how to make the most of your time and get a really good deal.

Age: a crucial question to save money

We know, it's not very nice to start this article with this prosaic question. A lot of young drivers dream of renting a car in Canada, of doing a road trip in the USA or of escaping with friends or lovers around the Big Blue... Sorry to break the myth, but it's better to avoid unpleasant surprises from now on.

The minimum age for renting a car

It depends on the country and the rental company. So there is no general rule, even within the same country... For each offer, you will have to consult the general terms and conditions of sale to find out how to rent a car for young drivers. To make it simple: under 26 years old (and in any case 1 year of licence passed), it's a nightmare. Young driver fees are sometimes more expensive than the rental itself! As far as senior citizens are concerned, until now there were only very rare cases of limitation in the granting of a rental car. However, this seems to be becoming a thing of the past: we are currently witnessing an increase in costs for senior drivers. Here again, if you are over 65 years of age, we would advise you to read the general terms and conditions of the offer that catches your attention, or to call us.

Rent as soon as possible

As a price comparator, we are in a good position to know: bargains don't have a fixed abode. Prices fluctuate constantly depending on the season, the destination... Generally speaking, to find the best price, there is a golden rule: the earlier you rent, the more advantageous the rates. This applies to everything, not just car rental. So it's certainly not easy to know well in advance where you're going on holiday, and especially when. But if we give you this advice, it's not just a question of price: it's also sometimes a question of availability. In Corsica, for example, out of stock is the rule during the summer.

First prices: take a cold look at the low cost offers

There is indeed a big difference between "the lowest price" and "the best price". You know the low cost: offers that are too good hide something. Low cost has its own codes. If you accept them, the game can be worth the money. If not, it may cost you a lot of money, often more than a better quality service elsewhere.

The options: sort it out

We should warn you: the options you choose in addition to your car rental can drastically increase the bill. Here again, as with the young driver option we mentioned in the first paragraph, there are no unified rules regarding rates: each rental company applies its own, and the differences can be considerable and for no reason. Some apply them per rental day, others for the entire rental... In short: it's up to you to look through the terms and conditions of each offer and calculate what costs you the least...

Insurance: necessary or superfluous?

For the moment, we can't answer for you. It depends on your relationship to the unknown. Generally speaking, we advise you to take out insurance with reimbursement of the deductible, just so that you can roll your mind completely free. One thing is certain: in the USA, don't play the smartest game. Make sure you are properly insured: legal procedures in case of an incident may leave you with a bitter taste.
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