How does my insurance work after an accident ?

Do you own a vehicle? If you are looking for another source of monthly income, car rental between individuals is a better idea. Also, be aware that even if the procedures are fairly simplified, there are certain procedures to follow. Thus, you would be required to have a registration document in your name, an updated roadworthiness test register and insurance. The latter plays a more than important role, especially in the event of an accident. How does it work and what are the possible cases?

The importance of taking out insurance

According to the rules governing car rental between individuals, a car cannot be rented if it is not insured. Normally, any vehicle is affiliated with an insurance agency. And since renting between private individuals cannot also be done without the intermediary, it is possible for an owner to benefit from a car insurance policy subscribed on the site of the intermediary of his choice. The latter allows him to benefit from compensation in the event of an accident or possible claims. It may even be that the insurance fully covers the damage to the vehicle. But the extent of the repair also depends on the nature of the accident, as well as the type of insurance taken out.

If the driver is at fault

Many accidents can occur, and this determines how the insurance works. But the most important thing is to know who is at fault. And in the event that the driver, otherwise the tenant, is identified, he could be required to contribute to the repair of the damage, at least in part. In addition, if the owner has taken out all-accident damage coverage, the insurance will participate with a reduced amount to reimburse the material damage to the vehicle. Of course, the scope of my repair will be defined according to the statements of both parties in the report.

If the driver is not responsible

It is possible that the tenant may not be responsible for the accident. Then, this must be clearly mentioned in the statement of facts in order to benefit from the guarantees in the event of an accident. Thus, the insurer is required to fully cover repairs to the vehicle's property damage on behalf of the other party's insurer. And in the event that the person responsible is not determined, the insurer is required to reimburse the vehicle for material damage. This is the case, for example, in the case of damage caused by wild animals or natural circumstances.
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