Car renting for young drivers, disabled people…what are the specific cases?

There are also people who have a little trouble finding a car to rent. The length of time required to obtain a permit and certain cases of disability may be the reasons for this difficulty of access. One can only wonder if, at least, it is possible for them to rent a car and which cases are accepted?

Car rental for a young driver

These are people who have not yet exceeded the three-year period following the issuance of the permit. These novice drivers are considered partially capable of driving. Thus, for a lease, the agencies are obliged to check the license of the tenant; and to see if the prior art of the license corresponds to the rules imposed. Once this has been validated, the tenant can subscribe to a rental. In addition, it is possible for him to share the driving with another older driver. But he could also receive assistance at any time regarding the car's instructions for use.

Vehicle rental for a PMR

People living with a disability, whether motor, visual, auditory or mental, need vehicles that are specially designed and equipped for them. In any case, some agencies have recently added the rental of cars equipped for PRMs to their offers. To this end, they offer their customers vehicles with appropriate equipment, such as a lifting platform, a manual ramp, a swivel seat or a sliding side door. In addition, to benefit from a rental service, a PRM must have a valid driver's license.

Vehicle rental for seniors

Apart from novice drivers and PRMs, older people also find it difficult to find a car to rent. It should be noted that even in possession of a driving licence, an agency or owner is entitled to refuse to rent to a customer if he considers that the customer is no longer able to drive properly. The prior nature of the licence plays a very important role in this case; because after a certain period of time, every driver must pass his licence again. And if the rental agency deems that the driver can benefit from a rental, he or she will have access to a wide choice of cars, such as minivans or family cars such as station wagons. This offers some relief and ease to the elderly.
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