Can we rent a no-licence car and under which conditions?

According to the legislation, no one can drive without a valid driving licence. But sometimes, it is possible that some people have exhausted their efforts by trying to pass their exams without passing them; or that the licence has been suspended for various reasons. So, would it be possible to rent a car without a licence? If so, what is the procedure to follow?

A car rental for the unlicensed

Whether you do not yet have your licence, or it has been revoked, you have the option of renting a car. In reality, it is a newly fresh alternative that only a few rental agencies offer. Obviously, you still need to have an acceptable concept of driving. And being a driving without a licence, it should be noted that the rental of a car without a licence mainly concerns small cars or hybrid vehicles. Which is not very difficult to handle; especially since the speed is limited to 45km/h.

The conditions to be respected

If you are considering renting a car without a licence, you will have to meet certain conditions. To begin with, it is imperative that the tenant be 21 years of age or older. Of course, this age could vary depending on each rental agency. Also, a tenant should present his BSR or Brevet de Sécurité Routière, as well as his AM permit in case it is necessary. This formality is required by the agency to ensure that the tenant has driving knowledge. In addition, the tenant will be asked to provide some supporting documents, such as proof of residence and proof of no driving prohibition. As for the agency or owner, he or she must be responsible for taking out unlicensed car insurance for the vehicle he or she is offering. By this, the tenant will benefit from a civil liability coverage. And sometimes, he may ask the tenant to pay a deposit as a damage guarantee for the rented vehicle.

At what cost to rent a car without a license?

If you decide to use an agency, it should be noted that each has its own way of pricing. While some set the rate based on the concept of unlimited mileage; others calculate the kilometres driven while taking into account the rental period. Not to mention that the model chosen is also a factor that impacts the cost of renting a car without a licence.
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