Purchase, rental
and car insurance

Buying a car

Acquire luxury cars

Buying a new or used car can be complicated. This transaction is even more complicated if you want to buy a luxury car. You can find the car you want on the internet or also at a car dealer.

Acquire luxury cars
buy a luxury car

Car Rental

Criteria to find
the right car

  • Rent a luxury car
  • Rent a car during a trip
  • Choose the long-term rental formula
  • Car rental for a particular event

Renting goods vehicles and vehicles between private individuals

Need a vehicle to move? Or spend an improvised weekend? Rent a car for a few hours or a few days?

The mobile application of the website Getaround.com is a practical alternative. This tool allows you to manage payment, reservation and even access to the car from the mobile application. Vehicle owners can thus make their cars profitable by agreeing to rent them to private individuals.

Rent a utility vehicle

Rent a utility vehicle:

van or lorry

Rental service
of commercial vehicles

Book your vehicle online

Rental of a van

Rent vans to transport goods or for a move.

Minibus rental

Find easily and in a few clicks several models and brands of minibuses to be rented.

Rent a minivan

Renting a minivan allows you to benefit from cars with a number of seats ranging from 5 to 9.

Rent a family car

Between a station wagon or a minivan, you can rent a family car in a few clicks.

Specific car rental

Professionals and companies can rent vehicles adapted for special occasions.

Business cars

Rent a car for business trips,

The LOA or leasing with option to purchase is a way to become a car owner by paying a monthly rent to a bank or a specialized organization. As for the duration of the contract, it is valid between 2 and 5 years, more details with allesindetransport.nl.

Buying a car from a private individual

Every year in France, almost 6 million used vehicles change hands. Most of these operations are carried out during the purchase of vehicles between private individuals. This transaction allows you to buy a car without going through a specialized agency. More on unique-automotive.com.

An often tedious transaction

Different phases required
before buying a car :

Try the car

Try the car

Consult the classified ads

Consult the classified ads

Identify possible repairs

Identify possible repairs

Peace negotiations

Peace negotiations