Rent a car

Getting more from your holiday – Travel tips

Few years ago “The Independent’s Traveveller” section ran an article by Simon Calder called ” Get more from your holiday”. Some resolutions offered by the writer  Let your digital camera ease your travels Almost everyone carries a digital camera in…

Avoid These Car Rental Mistakes

Car rental has become a very big business in recent years, and many individuals now make use of car rentals for a variety of things. Whether they need a car for their vacation or have to rent a car because…

What are the conditions for renting my car?

Lately, the cost of living has not gone down and does not even train. So, to ease daily expenses and for a good survival, any source of income other than the main one would be welcome, such as renting your…

Rent your car: steps and instructions

Are you looking for another way to earn more money every month? The idea of renting a car from time to time is more effective. And yes, it is quite possible to rent a personal vehicle, to make it profitable….

How does my insurance work after an accident ?

Do you own a vehicle? If you are looking for another source of monthly income, car rental between individuals is a better idea. Also, be aware that even if the procedures are fairly simplified, there are certain procedures to follow….